Real Estate Investing in Philadelphia

Data Preprocessing

melted = pd.melt(df, id_vars=['RegionName'], var_name='time')
melted['time'] = pd.to_datetime(melted['time'], infer_datetime_format=True)
melted = melted.dropna(subset=['value'])


ARIMA Modeling

def find_p_and_q(ts, verbose=True):    # Finds the optimal p, d, and q for an arima model
# To start, we create a set of possible pdq combinations
p = range(5)
d = range(3)
q = range(5)
pdq = list(itertools.product(p, d, q))

# Next we run each combination through an arima model and record the AIC
AICs = []
for comb in pdq:
model = ARIMA(ts, order=comb, enforce_stationarity=True, enforce_invertibility=True)
output =
AICs.append([comb, output.aic])
# need to have a fail safe in case the arima won't converge
AIC_df = pd.DataFrame(AICs, columns=['pdq', 'AIC'])
if verbose:
# prints the pdq combination with lowest AIC
# returns the pdq combination with lowest AIC
return AIC_df.loc[AIC_df.AIC.idxmin()][0]

Zip code 19142:

Zip code 19131:

Zip code 19124:

Zip code 19119:

Zip code 19136:





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